Digital Signatures and Certificates
Principle of Certificate Functioning
Personal Digital Certificates
Registration Procedure
Registration and Keys Saving Peculiarities
Use of Personal Certificates

WebMoney Certificates Help

WebMoney Keeper Light Registration

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, WebMoney Light registration and obtaining of a personal digital certificate take the following steps:
  1. Read and agree to terms and conditions of WebMoney Light agreement, provide contact information and choose a method to save your private key.
  2. Generate key pair (private and public key) on your computer, save your private key in a file (if you have chosen a PVK format).
  3. Request the WebMoney Keeper server to issue a certificate.
  4. Receive a reply from the server: a certificate in a CER file (a cetificate with the public key in the PKCS#7 standard).
  5. Save your personal digital certificate with the private key in the certificate store on your computer. If you have chosen PVK, you should save a certificate into a separate file.

Save Private Key into a PFX File

WebMoney Light registration and receipt of the private key in a PFX file take the following steps:
  1. Generation of key pair (private and public key) on your computer.
  2. Request to the WM Keeper certification server to create a certificate.
  3. Reply from the certification server and saving of a personal certificate (with the private key) in the certificate store on your computer.
  4. Export of the personal digital certificate into a separate file (your private key, public key and WM identifier will be saved in it).

To export your personal digital certificate, you should select Internet Options| Content| Certificates| Personal certificates. You then should select the certificate you have received <WM id> and click <Export>. Click Demo.

In this dialog box, you should select:
    1. Yes, export the private key.
    2. Personal Information Exchange - PKCS#12 (.PFX) (+Include all certificates in the certification path if possible; +Enable strong protection (requires IE 5.0, NT 4.0 5P4 or above); +Delete the private key if the export is successful)
    3. Password. Be sure that you remember your password. Once itís lost, it cannot be retrieved.
    4. Filename
  1. Make backups of the PFX file on removable storage (floppies). Keep them and the password in a safe place.