To work with WM Keeper Light you need to register. For this purpose receive and install the personal certificate or take advantage of registering through service Enum.
What is the personal certificate
What is E-num and how to register
Personal certificate
E-num authorization

Obtaining personal certificate means obtaining private RSA key(1024 bit), that unequivocally and reliably identifies you in WebMoney system , signing each session at each start of WebMoney Keeper Light. You can also use personal certificate to transfer protected mail.

The personal digital certificate verifies the owner of the WebMoney Identifier on web sites of WebMoney Transfer system services and on other sites. Identification is provided by application of the private key, stored by the owner of the personal digital certificate of the WebMoney System User only .

ENUM registration means, that WebMoney Keeper Light user should be preliminary registered in the system ENUM. The private access key will be stored not in the computer, but on the user's mobile device (mobile phone or PDA), which allows to work with WebMoney Keeper Light from various computers and excludes risk of damage or lacrency of a key by Trojan and other harmful programs.

Registration with ENUM verifies the owner of the WebMoney Identifier, using his identifier in ENUM. Per each email in the ENUM system, only one Identifier registration to use WebMoney Keeper Light is possible .

Downloading the system root certificate

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